Squirreled® Classroom Board Game App for macOS and iPad

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Squirreled® Classroom is a Brand new original math practice board game app for Mac and iPad that integrates with Apple’s Schoolwork app!


  • 1 or 2 players.
  • 3 match types.
  • 4 levels of Artificial Intelligence. Play against Ant, Cat, Bird or Bee!
  • 10 levels of match difficulty.
  • 30 Apple Schoolwork assignments.

Players divide tile numbers by tapping (iPad) or clicking (Mac) tiles to “solve” row “equations – simple and fun game to use as a teaching tool, reward game, or just casual challenging and fun original gameplay.

Just click the Bee in the corner to pause the game and enter Explore Mode. Now you may click the list of numbers 1-99 at the top, or on any tile number to see if it’s a prime number – or a chalkboard will animate a prime factors tree example for whole numbers showing it’s prime factors and also listing all of the numbers factors.

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