Educational games for Rainforest Action Network

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In 2006, working with Rainforest Action Network and artist Adam Chew, I developed the online educational game “Sally the Salmon”. Built in Flash with 5 fun engaging levels of gameplay combined with simple environment based quizzes in between that support the gameplay challenges. Question topics cover issues you that help Sally survive as more and more dangers appear on her journey up river to spawn: oil spills, dams, over fishing, over logging, and hot spots due to climate change. I very much enjoyed collaborating with Adam and the instructional designer, Tracy Solum, at RAN working on this great project! “Use Less Wood! Super Crossword Fun” I also built an online interactive crossword puzzle in Flash. Actually, I built a crossword puzzle engine since it is driven by a simple text file and could be easily changed into any number of new crossword puzzles! I also built an online interactive coloring book – good fun for kids in the Rainforest Heroes section of the RAN website.