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Squirreled® combines learning with fun!

Squirreled® Classroom

Squirreled® Classroom is a brand new original math practice board game app for Mac and iPad that integrates with Apple’s Schoolwork app! Explore prime numbers and factors of numbers 1-99 in fun way integrated with gameplay that helps develop basic math table proficiency!

Squirreled® World

Squirreled® World, released in 2018, is an arcade style action adventure game with 8 large "open world" style levels that become more challenging as you progress (levels 2-8 require full game unlock). Built with Xcode and programmed nearly entirely in Swift with SpriteKit and GamePlayKit.


Major update for Squirreled® 2.0 with new Apple watch app included! Brand new story and animations, choose your character, larger level maps and much more! Completely free app download with no ads. Originally released in 2013.

Welcome to ABC Interactive LLC!

ABC Interactive LLC is a small website and mobile app development company located in California. Founded by Andrew Chew in 2015 after a decade of building engaging online experiences for companies large and small. Andrew has also built education games for companies such as Score Learning and the Rainforest Action Network, helped author chapters on a book for Adobe Press, led teams developing award winning training courses while working at Vitesse Learning, and helped build next-gen courseware during the “dot com” era of the bay area at The Ninth House Network. A few recent clients include...
Brave Software, Inc.

Brave Software, Inc.

Web Developer and PHP engineer contract

Responsibilities included working with DevOps and the Design team to help update, monitor, and maintain the brave.com and basicattentiontoken.org sites. Specific projects included 4 WordPress plugins, site localization, building and launching the new home page in November 2019, posting blog articles and press releases in a timely manor as needed, and fielding general website questions and concerns in the company’s Slack Website channel.

Landis Communications

Landis Communications

Web Master

"Andrew Chew helped us develop and maintain LCI's very first website for nearly a decade. His work was helpful, smart and efficient. Thanks to his help, our website continues to generate numerous business leads. Highest recommendation!"
--David Landis
President, Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)

From 2008 - 2015, I maintained, setup the blog "Backtalk", updated functionality, and posted daily press release and client updates for the website of Landis Communications Inc. I worked directly with company founder and president, David Landis, and the kind and very professional team at his 30 year old leading San Francisco Consumer & B2B PR/Marketing Agency.



Over 100 projects for Intuit® designed by Munson Design

From 2008 - 2015, I worked under contract with Munson Design to develop around 10 entire websites, 40+ landing pages or mini-sites, over 30 animated banner advertisements, many more animations, and newsletter layouts for Intuit® and their products such as QuickBooks®.

I worked closely with Tyler to produce many high profile sites for Intuit® such as the Intuit® Security site (2010), Intuit® Full Service Payroll site (2010-2015), Intuit® Awards site 2010, Intuit® Career site 2011, and Intuit® Fortune sites (2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014). We conducted A/B testing on Intuit® Full Service Payroll and I helped update the site for several years.

Finelite Lighting

Finelite Lighting

Website and cart for Finelite® Better Lighting designed by Richter Design

In 2011, Richter Design contracted me work with them to develop a CMS (Content Management System) integrated with shopping cart for the award winning lighting solution company, Finelite® Better Lighting. As a large and technologically competitive company leading in energy saving lighting, Finelite® required a media rich and easy to navigate every growing site to present their products and services.

Adobe Press

Adobe Press

Contributed to 4 chapters in Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Classroom in a Book

In 2006 under contract with Munson Design, I helped author 4 chapters in "Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Classroom in a Book". After 5 years in the industry building hundreds of interactive Flash animations and online courseware, I very much enjoyed helping distill the secrets of Flash with it's powerful intuitive IDE. One chapter I worked on covered ActionScript 3 which was exciting at the time as Flash evolved to a powerful programming language.


Contact ABC Interactive LLC

(415) 342-3671

California, USA